Frey Wille Wiener Emailschmuck Manufaktur

Frey Wille Wiener Emailschmuck Manufaktur

"At FREYWILLE, we follow our own personal ethos: creativity determines what we do and allows us to constantly create new, artistically valuable collections that inspire our customers and emphasize their individual style. - Friedrich Wille, CEO

Founded in 1951 in the heart of Vienna, FREYWILLE has been a leader in the art of fire enamel jewellery for more than 60 years. In the 1980s, under the direction of Simone Grünberger-Wille, FREYWILLE created an unmistakable style with ever new impulses in design, enamelling processes and internationalisation, which still characterises the brand image of FREYWILLE today. 
Two elements in particular are at the centre of the work of the academically trained artists at FREYWILLE: the joy of art and the passion for design. Many of the iconic collections see themselves as tributes to famous artists and interpret them in a unique way. Other collections are based on thoughts of humanism and philosophy. The pieces of jewellery created in this way carry the message of joie de vivre and immaterial values to the whole world. 
The heart of every FREYWILLE piece of jewellery is the unique, artistically designed fire enamel, which is applied and fired in several layers. FREYWILLE's perfected fire enamel technique and specially created colour recipes let the colours used shine intensely and give them a unique radiance. Up to 100 manual steps are required to produce the finished filigree, colour-intensive fire enamel plate, which is then inserted into the respective frame.

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