Notar Dr. Wolfgang Hackenbuchner

Notar Dr. Wolfgang Hackenbuchner

The tradition of this law firm begins already after the 2nd World War. The first holder of the office was notary Dr. Alois Nekarda. He was followed by notary Dr. Rudolf Seethaler in 1980 and notary Dr. Erich Klement in 1990. Notary Dr. Wolfgang Hackenbuchner was already a notarial partner from 1998 and has been the office holder of this law firm since 2001. It is located in the former historical premises of the National Bank.
Although there is still talk of a notary's office, today this has nothing to do with the images of dusty files, ink pencils and the discovery of slowness. On the contrary. If you want to be on the safe side when it comes to justice, the notary is your first, best and most competent contact, and official.
We take our understanding as a service provider seriously and are convinced that whoever helps quickly and easily helps twice over. And twice is better than twice. To this end, we have a service package ready for you which, in all its variety, is always met with delighted amazement.
No wonder, because it includes a young team, a network of freelance specialists and lots of innovation. This transforms the so-called official route into a walk. And all this just as individually as internationally.
Notary Dr. Hackenbuchner is also a trained MEDIATOR.
An essential aspect is the INTERNATIONALITY of the firm: the services are offered not only in German, but also in ENGLISH. Notary Dr. Hackenbuchner is JUDICALLY CERTIFIED INTERPRETER FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE. 

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