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© A.E. Köchert Juweliere GmbH
Juwelier Köchert

Juwelier Köchert

Since its foundation in 1814, A.E. Köchert has been one of the most renowned jewellers in Austria. Until 1918 they were the personal jeweller of the Austrian emperor and his court as K&K Hof- und Kammerjuwelier. In historical publications Köchert is counted among the leading European jewellers of the 19th century. At international auctions, pieces of jewellery from this period, signed "AEK", reach top prices. To this day, the name Köchert stands for tradition, individual jewellery design and high-quality craftsmanship. The "Sisi stars" designed by Köchert for Empress Elisabeth are legendary. During a performance of Mozart's Magic Flute, Sisi had raved about the Queen of the Night's star jewellery to such an extent that the otherwise thrifty Emperor Franz Josef commissioned Alexander Emanuel Köchert to design a large number of diamond stars, which he presented to his enchanting wife on her first wedding anniversary. The Empress made this kind of jewellery en vogue all over Europe. The core business of the jeweller A.E. Köchert has been located since 1873 in Vienna at Neuer Markt 15, in December 2005 Florian Köchert opened another shop at the noble Alter Markt 15 in Salzburg.

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