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12 March 2020 · Sonnentor Salzburg

From hemp to honey

Hosts: Gerald Dominik and the Sonnentor team

It's amazing what it can do! The cultivated plant hemp has been used for thousands of years and still remains a popular topic of conversation. The hemp plant has been used by humans for many thousands of years and is more versatile than almost any other plant. Its Latin name "cannabis sativa" actually means "useful hemp". It is now a part of our society and you do not need a dealer for your products. On the contrary. At Sonnentor, for example, a CBD hemp tea is just waiting to be discovered by you. In addition, enthusiasts will of course find special herbal teas and exceptional honeys. For example, there is the golden turmeric honey – "Golden Honey" is the name given to the beneficial mixture of cream honey and turmeric that provides added energy. Definitely, useful during springtime. And the pride of all honeys is the organic Manuka Honey. The Maori knew about the extraordinary properties of the shrub and now also Europeans can use the many healing powers of this special honey. Why not just give it a try? Gerald Dominik and his team will not only sweeten your day but maybe even your life on Thursdays in March.

Teas, honeys, thank you crackers

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