Jesper Munk | © Oliver Krings Jesper Munk | © Oliver Krings
© Oliver Krings
Jesper Munk (DE)

Jesper Munk (DE)

Those who think "Blues wunderkind from Munich" should be prepared for a musician who has re-invented himself in his mid-twenties: say goodbye to the harsh and raspy voice as an homage to John Spencer or the Black Keys, hello blue-eyed soul, downtempo, buttery melancholic vocals, produced by Mocky (Feist). "I've opened my eyes," says Jesper about his third album "Favorite Stranger". And the "Süddeutsche" mentions "arrangements that, in their sweet abundance and their handmade retro charms, transform the spirit of the soul era towards pop, without the listener suffering a sugar shock right away". Happy and gloomy, intimately vulnerable and worldly.

Jesper Munk - vocals, guitar

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