Lukas König | © Moritz Bichler Lukas König | © Moritz Bichler
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Lukas König (AT)

Lukas König (AT)

Not a monarch, still wearing a crown: This king lives in Vienna, is called Lukas by his first name and could already be heard as the drummer with David Murray, Maja Osojnik, Wolfgang Puschnig or in bands like Kompost3 and 5K HD. His solo project "Koenig" brings together hip-hop, noise and modern (beat) experiments. He is drumming and rapping at the same time (and equally brutal) and plays keyboards on the (right) side. A royal experience, already as the opening act for German rap-stars Bilderbuch. "A melancholy-colorful dream that can quickly turn into the absurdly grotesque", as the Tiroler Nachrichten wrote in a review.

Lukas König - vocals, synthesizer, drums

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