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WELTEN translates as WORLDS and is a young up-and-coming band from Leipzig, Germany. Characteristic of their music is the warm, melancholic, sometimes fragile band sound, which could be stylistically classified as minimalist indie jazz. Starting point and most important element of their musical creation is the close friendship between the four musicians. This manifests itself on stage audibly and visibly in a special closeness and connection, which also involves the audience. The constant search for new and original sounds produces special timbres and strong melodies that open up and make new WORLDS of improvised music accessible. With floating images of sound and enchanting atmospheres, WELTEN hint at stories that tell of hopes and desires in large dynamic arcs and take the audience on a musical journey to icy deserts and the habitat of grass-cutter ants.

Lukas Backs - flutes | Laurenz Welten - saxophone, clarinet, chimes | Valentin Mühlberger Wurlitzer - moog synthesizer | Jonas Petry - drums

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