Maria João’s  Ogre | © Jacobien Vlasman Maria João’s  Ogre | © Jacobien Vlasman
© Jacobien Vlasman
Maria João’s Ogre (PT)

Maria João’s Ogre (PT)

Portugal's most important jazz voice has always been said to have an open range to the left and right between Mickey Mouse and Billie Holiday. When Maria João now, in her mid-sixties, focuses entirely on young musicians and the use of electronics, she perfectly matches the self-image of the Berlin Bitches Brew Festival, where Ogre ("man-eating monster") was perfectly placed: "a daring musical journey that shows the unvarnished, fearless, raw and revolutionary side of jazz". Live, Maria, as an over-the-top performer, loves to change roles: excited child, African market woman, Spanish diva. Very funny, pleasing goes differently.

Maria João - vocals | João Farinha - synths/keyboards & electronics | Silvan Strauss – drums