The Living Store

The Living Store

For 25 years, we have placed great value on the small things in life that can have a great effect. At The Living Store you will discover a select selection of individual gift ideas, unusual designs, decorative pictures, art prints and accessories for your home. 
There are no limits in terms of colours, materials or intended use - the only important thing is that it has that certain something that enchants you at first sight. Whether photo frames in different sizes and designs, unusual designer vases, special notebooks, key rings or beautiful individual pieces - there is something for every type of home.
"A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body", said the legendary artist Vincent van Gogh and how right he is! For us it is a pleasure to stage your jewellery in individual frames of all kinds. There are over 500 high-quality wood and aluminium strips to choose from. We obtain our frame strips from Italy and Spain. We also offer a special selection of handmade studio frames from Italy. In addition we offer a custom-made passepartouts in various colours and thicknesses, a wide range of glasses (from simple float glass to optically anti-reflective museum glass) and laminations on cardboard, wood, linen and Kapa.
Our home is the most important place. It gives us protection, warmth and a feeling of security. That's why it's so important to us to help you design your home so that it reflects you and above all gives you the security we need in our stressful everyday life.  At The Living Store in Salzburg we offer you treasures for your own four walls, which make your life and the experience in your home a highlight. 
For special occasions, such as Mother's Day, Birthday or Christmas, we offer a wide selection of very special gifts that will surely put a priceless smile on the faces of your loved ones when they are unpacked. Our selection of postcards is an excellent way to capture the right words forever. And when the words are missing, the versatile motifs and sayings tell you what you want to say at that moment. Pictures often say more than many words. That's why our high-quality billets are also very popular, including those by Austrian artists.
We are looking forward to your visit! 
Isabella & Alexander Chaloupka

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