Hand.Kopf.Werk. on Fridays
Understanding handwork & headwork



Long a tradition – now in vogue – handicraft. Every Friday from June 5th until mid-November 2020, a different area of the Altstadt will become a hotspot for Hand.Kopf.Werk. Workshops to participate in, tours to discover, lectures to think along with and unique opportunities to get to know local businesses are what makes Hand.Kopf.Werk so unique. Whether watchmaker, goldsmith, shoemaker, candy maker, violin maker or cultural institution – Hand.Kopf.Werk mirrors the vitality and variety of the heart of Salzburg – the Altstadt. More than 60 workshops, manufactories and creative businesses will show you what they can do and invite you to join in and take a look behind the scenes. Interested?

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The tours take place on selected Fridays

  • September 11th, 2020 | Tour Innenstadt III | 01:00 pm
  • September 11th, 2020 | Tour Mülln | 04:00 pm
  • Oktober 02nd, 2020 | Tour Innenstadt IV | 01:00 pm
  • Oktober 02nd, 2020 | Tour Kaiviertel/Nonntal | 04:00 pm
  • November 06th, 2020 | Tour Rechte Altstadt I | 01:00 pm
  • November 06th, 2020 | Tour Rechte Altstadt II | 04:00 pm

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