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NEUROMENTALTRAINING® = The new age of mental training. 

We offer training and further education as well as seminars in the field of Neuromental Training® and personality development. 

We combine the latest findings of brain research with practice and transfer effective change concepts into mental training.   

Our trainings and seminars are aimed at all people,  

  • who want to be coaches.
  • who are already trainers and want to integrate mental techniques into their training.
  • who want to use neuromental techniques in a professional context.
  • who are interested in their own personal development

The training is a milestone in the professional, athletic and personal development of our graduates. 
The secret of strong and successful people is their mental strength, their mental resistance and their focus on success.

The main topics in individual coaching are: 

  • Performance measurements (biofeedback, neurofeedback, HRV training, Symbio M.E.D.)
  • Mental Training
  • resilience training
  • Burnout and stress prevention
  • Emotion Management with EPT - Knock Technology
  • executive development
  • Become smoke-free

If you want to achieve unique things, then decide to go other ways than you were used to. This is how you achieve uniqueness and excellence. 

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