16 October 2019 · 19:00 ·

Flat Earth Society (BE)

To be a fan of (not only) Belgium's most idiosyncratic big band, you can come at it from the most different corners: Jazz, of course. Rock, preferably metallic. Zappa or Captain Beefheart, Carla Bley or Sun Ra, the Residents, or John Zorn. For its 20th anniversary the 15-member ensemble presents its double CD "Untitled #0", supplemented by a “Best of”. The FES brew of circus music and avant-garde, waltz bliss and razor-sharp brass parts, super cool and unrestrained romanticism also proves how funky humor can sound. The 14 gentlemen plus a lady on the trumpet look surprisingly harmless, which makes the highly ambitious musical anarchy of this troupe seem even more funny.

Frederik Leroux-Roels - guitar | Peter Vermeersch - clarinet, composition | Marti Melia Margañon - clarinet | Rob Banken alto - saxophone | Michel Mast tenor - saxophone | Bruno Vansina baritone - saxophone | Bart Maris - trumpet | Pauline Leblond - trumpet | Marc Meeuwissen - trombone | Peter Delannoye - trombone | Berlinde Deman - tuba | Peter Vandenberghe - piano, keys | Kristof Roseeuw - double bass | Wim Segers - vibraphone | Teun Verbruggen - percussion

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