Strizialm Salzburg

Strizialm Salzburg

Strizi Story
The company Strizi from Michaelbeuern in the Salzburger Land produces clothing that stands out from conventional products in terms of style and quality. The success proves their philosophy right, the shirts, sweaters and caps are very popular at home and abroad.
The beginnings are quickly told. When the eldest daughter was born, Bernhard Stadler and his wife gave the little "Strizi" a self-produced T-shirt. Thus the brand Strizi was born. At that time they had no idea how much this T-shirt would change their lives. In the kindergarten the friends and acquaintances found the Strizi-Style a pleasure and the family Stadler started to produce the shirts and bodies in own production.
The Strizi products became more and more popular and also the company grew. "At some point we were no longer able to produce everything ourselves and we started to outsource certain things," explains Bernhard Stadler. We only produce in Austria and Germany. In addition to the young line, the Stadler family developed a line for adults at the same time. "This all came about alongside our main jobs, in our leisure time, so to speak," continues the "Strizi boss".
The products became more and more popular and soon the first Strizi shop was opened in the city of Salzburg. The Stadler family remained true to their basic motto. "We develop all our garments ourselves and have them produced responsibly," explains Stadler. It is important for them that the clothing is timeless and that the products can be worn for almost any occasion.
Strizi products have a price that is justified by quality and production methods. "I am happy about customers who wear our products for a long time, this is the best advertising for us", says Bernhard Stadler. Today we know the Strizi brand and tourists from all over the world as well as people from Salzburg like to buy the clothes. "I like it the most when customers buy their children's fourth Strizi body because they have outgrown it. Then I see that it fits that they are satisfied," he explains his philosophy. And of course the quality has to fit. If that works, then you're on the right track. That's definitely the Strizi brand.


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