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Café Konditorei Fürst

Café Konditorei Fürst

Since 1884, the FÜRST café confectionery has stood for the highest quality. The traditional family business produces seductive cakes and fine confectionery specialities at the "Alter Markt - Brodgasse" and has been known since 1890 as the "Cafe-Konditorei FÜRST".
First and only producer of the original Salzburger Mozartkugel. 

In 1890, the Salzburg confectioner PAUL FÜRST invented the world-famous Salzburg Mozartkugel. His fine creation of marzipan with pistachios, coated in nougat and dark chocolate quickly became the city's most famous chocolate. 
In 1884, the widely travelled confectioner Paul Fürst opened a confectionery on the Alter Markt. "Based on his many years of practical experience in the most renowned confectioneries of Vienna, Pest, Nice, etc., he will always strive to offer the best and the newest," he said in his opening advertisement. 
In fact, Paul Fürst brought the confectionery art of the metropolises to the Salzach and, after long experimentation, created a chocolate called Mozartkugel in 1890. The chocolate was supposed to be perfectly round, and so each individual piece of the delicacy was placed on a stick before being dunked in dark chocolate. This elaborate manual production and the spherical shape (without "base") still distinguish Fürst's Mozartkugel today. 
His great-great grandson Martin Fürst, owner of the 5th generation café confectionery, still produces this first-class speciality today according to a traditional recipe and manufacturing process and rightly calls it "Original Salzburger Mozartkugel".
The coffee houses also offer a large selection of Austrian pastries such as the classic Sachertorte, Esterhazytorte, Dobostorte, Cremeschnitte, Parisian Spitz or the popular Apple strudel. Enjoy our cakes and tarts with a cup of our excellent coffee specialities. We are happy to spoil you in the warm season with our ice cream sundaes with homemade ice cream. 


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