Platzl Zwei GmbH

Platzl Zwei GmbH

Platzl Zwei GmbH 
Communication with love 
Located in the heart of the Altstadt, Platzl Zwei offers support in all areas of strategy and communication. As experts in advertising and marketing, we know how important comprehensibility is for the success of communication. This is why we rely on a language that is understood, on images that move and on target-group-specific communication. What is important to us: The direct and fast train to the gate! Our customers deserve absolutely perfect work, from the very first minute.   
Our showcase disciplines: 
STRATEGY & CLARE ANALYSIS: Exact target group definition, strong topic setting. 
CAMPAIGN: 360° full service implementation - from wording and visual language to concrete messages, online and offline, all from a single source. 
DESIGN & PRODUCTIONS: posters, flyers, sharepics, photo shoots, image concepts, video, radio and more, reliable and in first-class quality. 
SOCIAL MEDIA & WEB: Website, Facebook, Instagram - from the individual Sharepic generator to the internal tool for standardizing communication. 
TRAININGS & COACHINGS: Media and campaign training for candidates of all political levels, social media training, mental and personal fitness for politics.
What we do, we do with a lot of love and passion. Because a good partnership thrives on commitment and a high willingness to engage in dialogue. Everything we offer is of the highest quality. You can always rely on us! 

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