Kunst Antik Souvenir für Jedermann

Kunst Antik Souvenir für Jedermann

Ulrike Kandutsch and her company have been operating at Münzgasse 1 since 2001, making it the longest existing shop in this shopping area. 

As the company name expresses - for everyone - a treasure chest. The assortment of goods includes products of local artists, from small ceramics to pictures. Antiques can be found depending on the offer, from original things from Emperor's times, such as porcelain, glass, badges, medals, from time to time even old uniforms, to today's bizarre-looking utensils of the 1950s or 1960s. 
In addition, a balanced quantity of souvenir articles for our tourists must not be missing. It can also happen that an "antique" souvenir article with the charm of past decades is in the assortment, which then a lover discovers for himself. 

An "art" of Ulrike Kandutsch is the production of hand-knitted socks and stockings, which enjoy great popularity in the passage of time beyond the borders of Salzburg. For example for the visit of the Rupertikirtag, the Oktoberfest or simply suitable to the "leather", of course produced by the boss. Only a local product, Lungau sheep wool, is used for the production. This wool is also used to knit children's jackets, hoods and scarves. To match the alpine clothing, leather trousers and dirndl dresses for children are also available.

Another item in the assortment includes rarities of stuffed animals, teddy bears, dolls, Kasperlfiguren or hand puppets, old and new.
This colourful and wide-ranging collection of old and new makes "Kunst Antik Souvenir für Jedermann" in Münzgasse 1 so popular. 
Ulrike's shop is also her hobby, and she can be reached under:  Tel: +43 664 5414295

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