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Duo Ståle Storlokken & Stian Westerhus

Duo Ståle Storlokken & Stian Westerhus

Stian Westerhus: From Jaga Jazzist via Sidsel Endresen, Nils Petter-Molvaer and Metal, through dark valleys of the psyche on to the light: Norwegian guitar explorer Stian Westerhus, award-winning, internationally admired and already at Jazz & The City the year before last, released the song "There's A Light" this summer. It is the first release of his new album, whose initial spark were "conflicts so life-changing that death seemed like spring". Strong stuff, that suites the reverberant halls of a church especially well live and in concert.

Stian Westerhus - guitar

 Ståle Storlokken - fender rhodes

audio sample Stian Westerhus