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Oliver Hangl (AT)

Oliver Hangl (AT)

Where do physical or even psychic realities begin? Which forms of perception combine to paint a picture, an understanding of reality? Questions that the former actor and set design assistant, now mainly musically accomplished artist Oliver Hangl, asks himself and his audience, for example, as head of the" Viennese Complaints Choir ", at the so called "cinema in the head" or while leading various walks, rides and “trails”. During the latter, he puts headphones on himself and the participants and thereby transmits something that is less "audio guide" than lively soundtrack. "In movement most of the time," he explains, "this requires attention from both the artistic producer and the recipients." Let's go.

whispering tunnel

Oliver Hangl will install a “human tunnel” at several neuralgic locations. Step by step the listeners are whispering words into the ears of passersby, so that a sentence will be formed at the end.

time: Sa 19.10., 4-5 pm

meetingpoint: in front of Cafe Sacher/Salzachufer, 3:45pm!

please register: mail@oliverhangl.com

mobile stage

A new mobile stage rolls through Salzburg! It appears suddenly and spontaneously in various locations, announced only in the Jazz & The City app. As a flexible pop-up platform, it offers a temporary stage for music, literature, talks and more.

Time and place via push alert in the Jazz & The City app

walking concerts

Oliver Hangl literally sends a number of J & TC musicians and audience to the streets! Four radio headphone concerts on the go, always opening up new, unfamiliar routes through Salzburg and declaring reality to be an uncontrollable setting for (more or less) silent, mobile concerts.

Attention: limited number of participants. Deposit for the use of headphones: your photo ID

Only in dry weather.

Conquer the fortress!

Jazz & The City sets out to musically conquer the fortress – the Salzburg! The concertive campaign begins on Kapitelplatz, from where a band and its audience will climb the mountain. Once at the top, the ancient walls and their hidden corners will be played in a variety of ways! Curious?

Sat 20.10. | 15:00 | Meeting point Kapitelplatz