Autochrom Luise Volkmann | © Thekla Ehling Autochrom Luise Volkmann | © Thekla Ehling
© Thekla Ehling
20 October 2023 · 18:00 - 19:00 · Toihaus Theater


Luise Volkmann: saxophone | Athina Kontou: bass | Maria Portugal: drums | Photography was the inspiration: placing a motif in the primary colours green, blue, and red over each other results in a colour photo – a process called autochrome. Saxophonist Luise Volkmann has now transferred this idea to music and called her band which was established for this Autochrom. In this way, musical images are created through the layering of tonal colours. Volkmann personally and her saxophone are responsible for blue – and to a certain degree also the melodic layer. The deeper red – a more harmonious structure – is provided by Volkmann’s favourite accompanist Athina Kontou on the bass whilst the green, rhythmic base is performed not by the nominal drummer Dominik Mahnig but, for the first time in Salzburg, the Brazilian drummer Mariá Portugal.

Artist biography Luise Volkmann

Saxophonist, flutist, and composer Luise Volkmann, born in Bielefeld in 1992, is one of the young jazz musicians who takes the path less known. After studies in Leipzig with Richie Beirach, Johannes Enders, and Riccardo Del Frau, she went on to train further in Copenhagen, Paris and Cologne and has lived in France, Palestine, and Brazil. Also committed to music off stage, Volkmann is, for example, a founding member of the Leipzig Jazz Collective and initiator of the Kubique Jazz festival. The recent winner of the Westphalia Jazz Prize loves experimenting, which she proves as an in-demand accompanist, for example, of Eve Risser and Athina Kontou, and particularly with her own bands, the trios Autochrom and 3grams and her orchestra Été Large.


Toihaus | © Henry Schulz

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