18 October 2019 · 21:00 ·

Jarmo Saari Republic (FL)

Guitarist Jarmo Saari, who has played with Trilok Gurtu, Michael Brecker, Nils Landgren or Billy Cobham, also plays theremin, viola da gamba, trombone and glass harp with at least the same virtuosity. His true love, however, are the drums. As Jarmo hasn't achieved mastery on this particular instrument, he hires three of the best drummers of his Finnish homeland for his "Jarmo Saari Republic". United under a groove these "Soldiers of Light" play a psychedelic music, they like to call "Tribal-Prog-Jazz-Fusion". Stunning, as fits their motto: "Let Us All Unite!"

Jarmo Saari - baritone guitar, vocal, sampler, tauruspedal, theremin  | Olavi Louhivuori - drums | Mamba Assefa - percussion, drums | Mikko Kaakkuriniemi - drums

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