FlamenKora | © Youri Lenquette FlamenKora | © Youri Lenquette
© Youri Lenquette


Volker Goetze: trumpet | Ali Boulo Santo Cissoko: kora | Roberto Monteiro: guitar | Jazz trumpeter Volker Goetze has always been open to inspiration and influences from other genres and art forms. After his performance with a flamenco guitarist in 2019 he listened more to the music of Enrique Vargas during lockdown and “flamenco became his obsession” as he recalls. In 2021, whilst recording a duo album with kora master Ali Boulo Santo Cissoko in Paris, he noticed how perfectly flamenco and African scales and phrasing harmonise with one another. He got Cissoko and guitarist Roberto Monteiro together and FlamenKora – the magical fusion of West African Mande music on the kora and authentic Spanish flamenco guitar and American-European jazz trumpet – was born.

Artist biography Roberto Monteiro Bastos

Brazilian Roberto Monteiro Bastos, 36 years, began his classical guitar studies at the Villa Lobos Conservatory in his home city, Rio de Janeiro, when he was only 14. After graduating from the federal university, he spent three years working with a dance and folklore company. But it was flamenco which awakened his interest in classical and artistic dance and folk music for the guitar. He was one of the first Brazilians to study in Spain with masters such as El Entri, Rafael Riqueni and Fernando de La Rua and, in 2011, he moved to Spain. Since then, he has been one of the most in-demand accompanists of flamenco singers and groups and has worked with Iberian-Brazilian mixed forms such as the “Flamencura” which makes him the ideal guitarist for the FlamenKora crossover project.