Jordina Millà | © Petra Cvelbar Jordina Millà | © Petra Cvelbar
© Petra Cvelbar
Jordina Millà

Jordina Millà

Jordina Millà: Piano

Artist biography Jordina Millà

The Spanish pianist and composer Jordina Millà has always been someone who likes researching. After a classical training in Rotterdam and Paris, she performed as soloist as well as in chamber music ensembles often in association with dance and theatre projects, for example the Doctor Alonso Dance Company and the “Mercat de les Flors” company in Barcelona. She was introduced to improvisation through the great Catalan pianist Agustí Fernández, now lives in Salzburg and, focuses on freely improvised music, contemporary language and multidisciplinary scenarios. Millà most recently worked with the Spanish trio Mars, with the magnificent free jazz bassist Barry Guy and with singer Almut Kühne who she got to know last year at Jazz & the City.