Keine Übung | © Dovile Sermokas Keine Übung | © Dovile Sermokas
© Dovile Sermokas
Keine Übung

Keine Übung

Jan Frisch: guitar and singer | Julian Pajzs: guitar | Hannes Hüfken: bass | Oliver Steidle: drums | Jan Frisch from Zeitz, Saxony, probably best known as the guitarist of the Alin Coen Band, introduces his own band Keine Übung in Salzburg. The surprising, refreshing motto of the quartet which also features Julian Pajzs on the second guitar, Hannes Hüfken on bass and Oliver Steidle on the drums is exactly like the title of the debut album: “Singer-Songwriter zu Pflugscharen” (Singer-songwriter into ploughshares). The music and texts of the four which are defined by the principle of interruptions examine everything and important topics with titles such as “Würde es Ihnen etwas ausmachen draußen weiterzutelefonieren” (“Would you mind continuing your phone conversation outside”) or “Am Ende bin ich auch nur eine Agentur und muss schauen ob das für mich Sinn macht” (“At the end of the day I’m also only an agency and must see whether this makes sense for me”). The result: a jazz “boost” treatment for the songwriter genre.

Artist biography Oliver Steidle

Oliver Steidle who comes from Nürnberg and has been living in Berlin since 2000 became popular as the drummer of Der Rote Bereich. Today he is one of the most in-demand drummers in progressive jazz. The German Jazz Award winner has his own projects such as SoKo Steidle, Die dicken Finger, as well as his duo with the recently-deceased free jazz master Peter Brötzmann and the Boltzmann Killing Popes. Steidle intertwines the finesse of jazz drum playing with the rawness and force of the music which defined his youth: punk, grind core, hip hop und other “stuff which – like jazz in its best years – kicks you strongly and socio-critically in the shin,” as he explains.