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Theo Cecchaldi: violin | Hewan Gebrewold: vocals | Akemi Fujimori: keyboards | Valentin Ceccaldi: bass | Cyril Atef: drums For his latest musical adventure, the French star violinist Théo Ceccaldi has got together with the Ethiopian singers Hewan Gebrewold and a top-class band. Listen to pieces such as “Baamet Beal” and you could well imagine that you are in one of the coolest clubs in Addis Ababa, Cairo or Lagos. Pulsating beats and hip-hop-style vocals mixed with electro sounds promise to get you up out of your seat. Yet again, Ceccaldi manages to evoke the sounds of half an orchestra from his violin alone and prepares the ground for his brilliant accompanists. Powerful, techno-style Afro jazz of a very special kind.

Artist biography Theo Ceccaldi

French violinist Théo Ceccaldi has been amongst the stars of Europe’s jazz scene for several years. No-one has broadened the playing scope of the instrument which, in jazz, is somewhat exotic, more than him. A revolutionary who has caused a sensation with bands such as the quartet Petite Moutarde inspired by René-Clair films, with Tricollectif, Toons, the chamber quartet La Scala, with qÖÖlp with Christian Lillinger and Ronny Graupe, in Daniel Erdmann’s trio Velvet Revolution, Joëlle Léandre’s Can You Hear Me and, not least, with his own, ironically named avant jazz-rock band Freaks. Ceccaldi has not only been named “French Musician of 2016” but has also been honoured with the “Revelation of the year” title no fewer than three times at the French Grammys “Victoires du Jazz”.