Nout | © Sylvain Gripoix Nout | © Sylvain Gripoix
© Sylvain Gripoix


Delphine Joussein: flute | Rafaëlle Rinaudo: harp | Blanche Lafuente: drums | If prejudices still exist that certain “male” music genres cannot be played by women, the French trio Nout certainly dispels this. Flutist Delphine Joussein, harpist Rafaëlle Rinaudo and drummer Blanche Lafuente here present a wild, loud and powerful punk jazz which is on a par with all male colleagues – more surprising considering the highly unusual, more classical instrumentation used. To top it all, Nout‘s rebellious noise escapades are not only surprising, and a little bit daring, but also intelligent and enjoyable at the same time. It therefore comes as no great surprise, that they won the European Jazz Network’s EJN Zenith Award in February.

Artist biography Delphine Joussein

The flutist Delphine Joussein gets her passion for music from her father, an old school clarinet playing maths professor (who also opened a jazz club in Morocco) and musicians in her family. However, it was only after a remarkable detour that she came to be a professional musician – she spent years working as a sommelier in England and South Africa. It is perhaps because of exactly this distance that today she is one of France’s most interesting musicians – whether in the punk jazz trio Nout or in the sextet Asynchrone, which focuses on the work of Ryūichi Sakamoto, Something which was also officially acknowledged, so to say, last year with the instrumentalist prize of the 45th “Concours National de Jazz” at the La Défense Jazz Festival.

Artist biography Rafaëlle Rinaudo

Since studying at academies in Paris and Den Haag, Parisian Rafaëlle Rinaudo imagined a revolution for her instrument, the harp, which had for far too long been dedicated mainly to classical music. Today Rinaudo therefore plays the instrument in a fully unique way: purely electric and “augmented” as she describes it. Always curious and open in the search for points of intersection between “scientific” music, the experimental forms of jazz, rock and new music and multidisciplinary forms of presentation. Something which can be seen with her playing in the duet Single Room with Emilie Lesbros and Five Thirty-Eight with Fanny Lasfargues as well as in performances, shows and collaborations with artists such as Lison de Ridder, and for the past three years mainly with the trio Nout.

Artist biography Blanche Lafuente

Up until now, drummer Blanche Lafuente had primarily made a name for herself in the French music scene with two versions of one band: in the Duo Qonicho Ah! with saxophonist Morgane Carnet and with bassist Fanny Lasfargues in the trio version of this, Qonicho D! Both formations focus on a radical re-working of Nirvana-style grunge rock: highly minimalistic but explosive! Lasfargues was then the connecting element who led Lafuente to Rafaëlle Rinaudo and ultimately to the trio Nout.