Obradovic Tixier Duo | © David Tixier Obradovic Tixier Duo | © David Tixier
© David Tixier
Obradovic Tixier Duo

Obradovic Tixier Duo

Lada Obradovic: drums | David Tixier: piano | Croatian Lada Obradovic and French pianist David Tixier are a couple both on the stage and in real life. This closeness is reflected in a unique sound in their duo – a sound which combines the acoustic base instruments of drum and piano with an electronic sound such as Moog synthesizer, sampler, and Fender Rhodes and “toys” (as they call them) such as kalimba and chimes. Often beginning with classic Bach-style severity, the pieces open with a broad improvisational manner for contemporary visions. Polyrhythmic grooves, clear melodies and sound samples from the chirping of the crickets to thunderstorms create dense sound collages which always serve the goal of Obradovic’s and Tixier’s music of telling stories.

Artist biography Lada Obradovic

The Croatian drummer and composer Lada Obradovic studied in Graz and Bern. In 2016 she formed a duo with her husband David Tixier which has since then won numerous prizes. Obradovic won the 2019 soloist prize at the “42. La Défense Jazz Festival”. In her work she incorporates all aspects of music-making to enhance her expression. She developed, for example, the first jazz series of her cymbal company TRX Cymbals. In 2019 she began a collaboration with Damien Chazelle who won an Oscar for his musical “La La Land” and “Whiplash” and composer and Grammy winner composer Glenn Ballard for the Netflix series “The Eddy”. She, meanwhile, also uses her music for charity projects such as her SAY.R. association (“Start As You Are”).


Artist biography David Tixier

The 34-year-old French pianist, composer and arranger David Tixier completed his piano studies in Paris and Lausanne and won major prizes in Montreux, Monaco and Freiburg at the same time. Since 2018 he also has a Master’s degree in jazz education/teaching from Bern University. Tixier also gives solo performances which can, for example, be heard on the concept album “The Giant Corners,” on which he got American singer Sachal Vasandan involved. Alongside the duo project with his wife Lada Obradovic, in which he describes himself as a “sideman,” Tixier directs his trio with her and bassist Jeremy Bruyére in which everything revolves around, “unity, energy and surprise,” as he says.