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Shingo Knob

Shingo Knob

Andreas Schaerer: vocal acrobat | Lea Heimann: saxophone, piano | Swiss song artist Andreas Schaerer likes to experiment not only with his voice but also likes to venture very differing musical constellations – from the trumpet-guitar trio with Martin Eberle and Peter Rom to mixed quartets (including with Michael Wollny and the Arte saxophone quartet) and the successful septet Hildegard lernt fliegen to the symphonic project The Big Wig. However, Schärer appears to enter the most direct and intimate musical dialogue in duets: for example, with the drummer Lukas Niggli and his female counterpart in vocal artistry Leila Martial. At Jazz & The City he will present the international premiere of a Bernese “home game” with multi-instrumentalist Lea Heimann.

Artist biography Andreas Schaerer

Already as child Andreas Schaerer imitated all the sounds he heard in his home in the Bernese Oberland. After his singing, improvisation and composition studies he formed the Hildegard lernt fliegen sextet which had its breakthrough in 2012 when they won the BMW World Jazz Awards. This was not least thanks to Schaerer’s unique vocal acrobatics which, with bass, tenor and head voice as well as beatboxing complete with “click” and “plopp” sounds and instrumental imitations, provide everything the vocal organ has to offer in the service of unusual, humorous compositions – and this simultaneously and polyphonically! An exceptional talent which he has established further in a duo with Lukas Niggli, in a trio with Martin Eberle and Peter Rom, at the side of Michael Wollny, Vincent Peirani and Emile Parisien and, not least, in the A Novel of Anomaly quartet.

Artist biography Lea Heimann

Lea Heimann from Bern is a true multi-talent who performs jazz in very differing roles. Trained in the saxophone, piano and song but, above all, influenced by progressive pop projects such as Massive Attack and Portishead, she plays and has played in a range of bands. Her current main project is the electronic duo Paradisco with Katharina Reidy. She has also performed as a musician in theatres and for the past few years has worked increasingly as cultural manager. She is the artistic director of the bee-flat club in PROGR Bern, is on the Musik Commission of the canton of Bern and is a member of the board of Musikvermittlung Schweiz (music mediation). The collaboration with leading Bernese jazz figure Andreas Schaerer titled Shingo Knob is therefore long overdue.