Tijn Wybenga | © Parcifal_Werkman Tijn Wybenga | © Parcifal_Werkman
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Tijn Wybenga´s AM.OK

Tijn Wybenga´s AM.OK

Tijn Wybenga: piano | 13-person Amsterdam Modern Orkest, AM.OK for short | Pianist Tijn Wybenga of the famous Amsterdam Bimhuis Jazzclub was given the assignment to find the sound of Amsterdam for the 21st century with his 13-person Amsterdam Modern Orkest, AM.OK for short. Wybenga therefore set about gathering some of the finest young Dutch as well as European jazz players and spent two years with this solo orchestra working on the programme “Brainteaser,” initially developed using samples. The result is music that cannot be categorised in any way. Powerful grooves, rousing ballads, wild solos, and spaced-out sound landscape – it is all possible here. For the resulting album of the same name – which the jury praised as a “complete work of art” – the ensemble won the German Jazz Prize last year.

Artist biography Tijn Wybenga

Dutch Pianist Tijn Wybenga was only 15 when he joined the Junior Jazz College at Amsterdam’s Academy of Music. By the time he was 20 years-old he had already completed his composing and conducting studies during which he also worked for the Amsterdam Sinfonietta. After this, he turned his attention to jazz, in the Aurelio Project jazz quartet, in the power funk band Circo Simonelli and with Wicked Jazz Sounds. He has, meanwhile, worked on arrangements for the famous Metropole Orkest and, most notably, spent two years on the new sound of Amsterdam in the 21st century for the Bimhuis. In this future jazz, in which Wybenga as is often seen works with samples as the composition basis, his Amsterdam Modern Orkest, short AM.OK, played the main role.