Altstadt Salzburg
Simply different.

The funkiest restaurants, bars & hotels

Absolutely out.of.the.ordinary.

Fancy award-winning restaurants? We've got those here too, of course. Typical tourist pubs? Ditto. Sausage stands? Of course, that goes without saying. Yet, the old town also offers true dream worlds when it comes to culinary and fashion pleasure. One of them leads into a red parallel universe, where your taste buds are pampered and your eyes are truly challenged. You enter the wondrous world of Alice not through a hole in the floor, but rather traditionally through a door. Sounds like kitsch. But that's not the case. A few houses further down the road, the gate opens up to the universe of roasted beans, which spread their scent in all imaginable variations.
A coffee shop. Run by Englishmen. Kind of crazy, isn't it?

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