Wasser Stoff

Wasser Stoff

Stylish and with fun in any weather on the way!

If you live in Salzburg, not only tourists and Mozartkugel are part of your everyday life, but also the famous Salzburger Schnürlregen, which often causes people to despair, especially in such a bicycle-affine city.
Anton Müller now makes sure that you don't have to be upset by the capricious weather and that you can look good at the same time.
As a native of Salzburg, he knows the problem, he has now brought the solution from his many journeys with him. In his new shop "Wasser Stoff" in the centre of the old town in Münzgasse 1 he has set up a small but fine concept store with everything that makes rain and water more pleasant. His main focus is on clothes that are not only fashionable but also windproof and weatherproof, some of which are nowhere else to be found in Austria.
DERBE from Hamburg, Danefae from Copenhagen, Squid from London, Seasalt from Cornwall; the list could be extended even further. So everybody looks good in the rain and feels good.
Apart from style, he also wants to enjoy the water. In "water fabric", for example, you will find a wide selection of gift ideas for yourself or others that score points not only for innovation but also for practical use. Umbrellas, ponchos or shower curtains, for example, which change colour as soon as they come into contact with the wet, or backpacks and purses that can withstand any weather, even though they are made of paper.
With a clear conscience, according to the shop motto: Outside. But beautiful.

Water fabric - outside. But beautiful.

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