Fabian Rucker | © Severin Koller Fabian Rucker | © Severin Koller
© Severin Koller
Fabian Rucker 5 (AT)

Fabian Rucker 5 (AT)

Pianist Philipp Nykrin prefers to be in charge of the subtle, the Viennese Chris Neu¬schmid can live out his preference for blues and rock, the Salzburgian saxophonist Fabian Rucker likes to put some raucous rage into his love for jazz. And the great thing is: this quintet gets on with one another by enlarging the “ever since their teenage-years”-sax-keys-drums trio "Namby Pamby Boy"(2017 at J & TC) . Tender and tough are often quoted musical compatriots, even though they hardly ever get along. They do here and particularly convincing on the current FR5 CD "Hypocritical Mass", all while creating atmosphere galore.

Christian Neuschmid - lap steel guitar | Fabian Rucker - saxophone | Philipp Nykrin - piano | Andreas Waelti - double bass | Andreas Lettner - drums

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