Silent Witness | © Robin Batista Zanzibar Silent Witness | © Robin Batista Zanzibar
© Robin Batista Zanzibar
Silent Witness (UK)

Silent Witness (UK)

At the 20th anniversary of the festival, one could experience "Silent Witness" concerts at the Mozarteum and the Kollegienkirche in 2019. Unconventional instruments will also be in the foreground this time: the two-string bass by Radek "Bond" Bednarz and the traditional koto by the Japanese Mieko Miyazaki. She uses her 13-string "Japanese zither" in a variety of ways: classically, in the context of electro-acoustic and new music, and with a jazz-like improvisational emphasis for the "Silent Witness" project with the exceptional Polish bassist mentioned above, which transcends all stylistic categories.

Mieko Miyazaki - koto | Ben Aylon - percussion | Bond - bass, electronics